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A social music app that aims to add a human element in discovering new music



Our team wanted to come up with a music app that would allow users to share their music with friends and family


Muse looks to add a human element to the way people discover new music. By establishing a social music community, sharing and discovering music becomes a more interactive, dynamic and ultimately rewarding experience.

My Role

UX Designer, team of 4


Two weeks


Figma, Miro, Zoom,


Research Interviews

We began the process by conducting 5 research interviews to figure out user listening habits, music preferences, and how they consume music. We also wanted to know what compels users to share music and how important it is in their lives.

research interview

"I like using Spotify but it doesn't connect the social aspect of music"

"I have my own music preferences but I am open to discovering new music"

"Playlist radios on Spotify often seems to be wrong"


We also conducted a survey to get some quantitative data regarding this subject. From the 46 responses we've gathered, more than half rely on a music platform's algorithm to discover new music. However, 80% says the music recommendations they receive are inaccurate.

proto persona

Proto Persona

We created a proto persona to represent our assumptions of our app's ideal user.

proto persona

Definition & Ideation

Affinity Diagram

We gathered all our findings from the research interviews and organized them into an affinity diagram.

Affinity Diagram

Affinity Diagram (Final)

The results were telling. There is a need to integrate a social aspect in music platforms and users are open to discovering new music through friends. In other words, music connects people and there's no feature or service that allows them to do it easily.

Affinity Diagram Final

I Like, I Wish, What If...

We then identified the features that we like on existing music apps and social platforms, what we wished we had, and imagined out-of-the-box features that could bring the app to the next level. Through dot voting, we were able to narrow down the features we wanted to work on.

I Like I Wish What If

Feature Prioritization Matrix

Afterward, we sorted the features we like based on impact and complexity.

Feature Prioritization Matrix

User Insight

Users who enjoy discovering new music have a desire to share their music preferences and discover others’ to form meaningful connections and feel a sense of belonging with others.

User Persona

User Persona

Competitor Analysis

We conducted a competitor analysis to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of apps within the music space.



  • Upvoting feature makes sure content is relevant and trusted
  • Only subreddits are geared toward music
  • Can be overwhelming


  • Best algorithm for music recommendations
  • Limited social features
Apple Music

Apple Music

  • Offers 60 million songs
  • Aesthetically clean and appealing
  • There is no free version to listen to a particular song
  • Poor Android support


  • Recommends music and artists in many different ways
  • UI is very cluttered
  • Music is inconsistently behind a paywall



Prototyping & Testing

Mood Board

We looked at various logos and UIs and considered adding recognizable music elements to our app. We also wanted to have a distinct look from existing music streaming platforms.

Mood Board

Style Guide

We opted to use a vibrant gradient and complemented it with a warm palette. Signika SC and Poppins were used for the header and the body respectively. The colorful "Atlas" gradient shows on a button's hover state

Style Guide

User Flows

We focused on the three main user flows of the app: onboarding, posting music, and requesting for music recommendations


Lo-fi Prototypes

Lofi Onboard 1
Lofi Onboard 2
Lofi Onboard 3
Lofi Posting 1
Lofi Posting 2
Lofi Posting 3
Lofi Request 1
Lofi Request 2
Lofi Request 3

User Tests

We conducted 5 user tests on our lo-fi prototype to see where we can still make improvements. Some of the feedback we received are the ff:

  • Pre-made prompts to request music were confusing and limiting
  • Tutorial screen had no call-to-action buttons to prompt users it was finished
  • Posting images with the song album could be more intuitive
  • Alignment issues on some screens
  • Similar treatment for posting and requesting music can be confusing

Hi-fi Prototypes

Hifi Onboard 1
Hifi Onboard 2
Hifi Onboard 3
Hifi Post 1
Hifi Post 2
Hifi Post 3
Hifi Request 1
Hifi Request 2
Hifi Request 3


Hifi Onboarding


Hifi Posting


Hifi Requesting


Next Steps

It was a lot of fun coming up with a mobile app that we can be passionate about. There seems to be a real need to put more focus on the social aspect of music and it is very enticing to start developing the app as soon as possible.

Our team did a good job streamlining the main user flows we identified and iterating on them based on the feedback we gained from our tests. Some of the next steps are the ff:

  • Do another round of user tests for our hi-fi prototype
  • Explore integrations with other music platforms and figure out the UX for those features
  • Begin coding the app(!)